About Us

Our goal is to put a smile on every face that sees a baby wearing our products 😊

We grew up in Texas, where college rivalries are abundant... spirit hand signs are commonplace... and where the hand signs themselves aren't just a formation of fingers... but a signal of pride 🤘, loyalty 👍 , and camaraderie ☝️ 

When we each had babies in 2020, we realized that our little fans didn't have great options for repping their future school pride. And we thought that plain ol' baby mittens just weren't cutting it... so the idea for Day1Fans was born!

Since then, we've continued to expand our product line to ensure every baby can be a die hard fan since the day they are born!

Check out our ever growing product options for infants and toddlers that will have your baby repping their favorite teams from head to toe.

Our team is based in the Dallas Fort-Worth area and would love to hear from you!

Please tag us on instagram @Day1Fans or email us contact-us@Day1Fans.com.

Thanks for stopping by!

Woody & Alex